Joint businesses

A joint business is a partnership between airlines to complement route offering and offer better deals. Joint business gives customers choice and flexibility to combine flights within an extensive network. Finnair participates in joint businesses covering travel between Europe and North Atlantic as well as Europe and Japan.

Atlantic Joint Business (AJB) 

Finnair, American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus have teamed up in a partnership to offer great fares and connections by allowing customers to mix and match flights across the Atlantic 
Part of the agreement are flights between North America (incl. Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands) and Europe (excl. Russia, Turkey) 
As Finnair adopted new loyalty currency Avios in early 2024, customers have even wider possibilities to collect and use tier points.

Siberian Joint Business (SJB) 

Siberian Joint Business is a partnership between Finnair, Japan Airlines, British Airways and Iberia, which allows the co-ordination of scheduling and prices to allow more offering to customers travelling between Europe and Japan. 
SJB offers wider codeshare possibilities between the four airlines with great connections for onward flights through each airlines’ home hubs. 

Benefits of the Joint Businesses 

  • An attractive range of fares by mixing and matching different flights 
  • More flexible routing options with an extensive network 
  • Smoother connections for onward flights through coordinated schedules 
  • Seamless travel with harmonized fare rules, baggage policies, benefits etc. across all participating airlines 


There are specific joint business fares instead of Finnair branded fares on AJB/SJB routes. 
Different joint business fares can be combined (within a partnership) and flights are bookable on both marketing and operating flight numbers. 
Normal published joint business fares do not require any specific pricing elements.