Ticket types and benefits

Our ticket types – Superlight, Light, Classic and Flex – are crafted to offer a choice of travel class, flexibility, baggage and other services. By following below link to Finnair.com you can find tables summarizing what each ticket type includes.

What's included in each ticket (Opens in a new tab)
Finnair's short-haul flightsEconomy ClassPremium EconomyBusiness Class
Domestic flights within Finland and flights within EuropeSuperlight-Superlight
Finnair's long-haul flightsEconomy ClassPremium EconomyBusiness Class
From Europe to Asia and Asia to EuropeLightLightLight
From North America to Ukraine, Belarus, Middle East and AsiaLightLightLight


*PrioFlex is exclusively available for Finnair corporate customers.

Finnair reserves the right to adjust the ticket types by origin/destination, always check the reservation system for fares by availability.

Atlantic Joint BusinessEconomy ClassPremium EconomyBusiness Class
From Finland and Baltics to North AmericaLightLightLight
From Europe to North America (excl. Finland and Baltics)LightLightLight
From North America to EuropeLightLightLight
Siberian Joint BusinessEconomy ClassPremium EconomyBusiness Class
From Europe to JapanLight*Light*Light*
From Japan to EuropeLight*Light*Light*
Saver‏‏‎ ‎ClassicSaver‏‏‎ ‎ClassicSaver‏‏‎ ‎Classic


Please note for Siberian Joint Business (with Japan Airlines, British Airways and Iberia): 

* Light available only on Finnair operated flights, no codeshare allowed. 
** Flex available from Europe to Japan on all carriers in booking classes J, C, D, W, Y, B and from Japan in booking classes J, W, Y. 
** Flex available in rest of the booking classes on Finnair operated flights, Flex can be combined only with Finnair's fares. 
When sold in UK/IE/ES/PT the Classic ticket type has a change fee.

The fare family names and codes to be used in pricing entries (e.g. in fare display) are 

  • BFLEX, BCLASIC and BLIGHT for the business class fares 
  • PEFLEX, PECLASIC and PELIGHT for premium economy fares 
  • EFLEX, ECLASIC, ELIGHT and ESLIGHT for the economy class fares 
  • EPRIOFLEX and PEPRIOFLEX for the corporate PrioFlex fares

Important information for Amadeus users booking via Edifact 

Always price the flights before you confirm any benefits to the customer. 

This is especially important when booking seats; you are able to see if the seat is included as a benefit (seat map, SSR) only after pricing the flights. The chargeability of the seat(s) is automatically checked at the time of repricing as well as ticket issuance. If you change the flights, re-pricing the flights or ticket revalidation is required for the seat validation. 

If you need to do manual pricing, you will not be able to add the fare family code into the manual TST yourself; you must contact your local Finnair Agent Help Desk for assistance. You can find your local contact details here

Important information for other GDS users booking via Edifact

We recommend issuing tickets before booking any seats to the customer as the seat validation only happens at ticketing time (see above the difference in Amadeus bookings for comparison). In other GDS’ bookings, the fare family code is automatically computed for both automatic and manual pricing at the time of ticketing. 

If you are not certain that a fare family code is correctly stored in a PNR or you have any questions, please contact your local Finnair agent help desk, contact details can be found here.