Tour operator (TO) fares for individual bookings

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Distribution of Finnair’s Tour Operator fares for individual bookings is subject to separate agreement with Finnair and is available only for those agents who fulfill Finnair’s requirements and who comply with the latest version of Finnair's Booking and Ticketing Policy and Payment Policy.

The travel agent must be accredited by IATA, and in case the agent is located in Finland, they must also be a member of AFTA (Association of Finnish Travel Agents) and a member of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's travel agency register.

Individual tour operator fares are valid only for travel in connection with land arrangements when creating a package for leisure travel. Land arrangements may involve e.g. hotel accommodation, car rental, cruise, or train journey.

Travel agents are responsible for complying with all the rules and regulations for selling flights as packaged travel in their respective country. For example in Finland, the passenger rights on a package tour are based on the Act on Travel Service Combinations, which is available on the website of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority:

Pricing code

In Finland:

  • Amadeus: R,U012976
  • Galileo: TOU
  • Sabre: TOU01

Outside Finland:

  • Amadeus: R,U (or separately agreed with agent)
  • Galileo: TOU (or separately agreed with agent)
  • Sabre: TOU01 (or separately agreed with agent)
Mandatory OS element


OS AY SJB TO FARE for travel to/from Japan 

OS AY TO FARE for travel to/from North America

Note: the OS element must be stored in the booking before the first transaction completion (see more info below).

Child discountAccording to the fare rules
Fare guarantee for unticketed bookings

The base fare and YQ/YR are guaranteed as long as they are stored in the PNR at time of booking and there are no changes to flights or passengers.

If there is one or more changes to passenger data (incl. name change), a new booking must be made and a new fare and YQ/YR stored to the PNR.

If there are changes to flights (even changes triggered by Finnair, e.g. schedule changes), a new fare and YQ/YR must be stored in the PNR.

If ticketing is inhibited due to expired fare, reprice the booking manually with past date input and with airport taxes and fees valid at the time of ticketing. This is also specified in fare rule (Advance Purchase section) and separate authentication by from Finnair is not needed.

Involuntary handling of ticketed bookingsIn case of flight disruption, standard disruption policy applies. All major disruptions are always notified in the Hotspot section of Easy, on the frontpage.
AncillariesAll flight related ancillaries which require an EMD, such as advance seat reservation or pre-order meal, may only be sold after the ticket has been issued.

OS AY TO FARE must be added to the booking before the first transaction completion when creating the PNR to ensure that the correct ticketing time limit is generated to the booking. If Finnair requests an earlier ticketing date for a booking that differs from the fare rule, this will be indicated in an OPW element (Amadeus) or SSR ADTK (other GDS).

Individual tour operator fare levels are based on our published Classic ticket fares with the following extra benefits for ticket rules:  

  • Tour operator fares have a more flexible ticketing time limit, see "advanced purchase" in fare notes. 
  • Booking changes and cancellations are possible, see the penalty section of the fare rules.
  • Possible minimum and maximum stay requirements must be observed, see "minimum stay rule" in fare notes. 

In case the published fare levels are changed by Finnair, the tour operator fares will change accordingly.

Finnair's standard conditions of carriage apply also to tickets sold with these tour operator fares for individual bookings.