Firearms and ammunition

Weapons and ammunition for sporting and hunting purposes are carried as checked baggage with a special permission from the airline. WEAP can be booked on operating carrier only (AY marketed/AY operated). Code share flights are not possible.

Firearm and ammunition need to be always packed in separate suitcases. In case the baggage allowance (ticketed allowance plus the one piece of extra baggage included in the handling fee) is exceeded, an extra bag charge also applies.

The same conditions for carrying WEAP apply to the carriage of replicas, decommissioned guns and guns for game purposes, e.g. airsoft and paintball guns. 

Securely boxed cartridges may be carried as checked baggage only in quantities not exceeding 5 kg (including the package) per passenger. The ammunition may not include explosive bullets or incendiary bullets, and their classification must be 1.4S and their UN number either UN 0012 or UN0014. 

Gas cylinders are NOT permitted. Carbon dioxide cylinders are ok, max capacity 50 mL (equals to a 28 g cartridge) per cylinder.

Please note that archery equipment (bows and arrows) are booked as SPEQ. Customer must have all the required licenses. For information about possible restrictions please ask customer to contact the relevant embassy or consulate.

Handling Fee

Fees for transporting firearms can be checked on under section Sports guns and firearms. A handling fee always applies to the transportation of firearms per firearm case and per direction

The handling fee includes one (1) extra piece of baggage up to 23 kg, e.g. if the ticket allowance is 1PC - together with handling fee the total allowance is 2PC. 

Firearm and ammunition always need to be packed in separate suitcases. In case the baggage allowance (ticketed allowance plus the one piece of extra baggage included in the handling fee) is exceeded, an extra bag charge also applies. 

The fee can be collected beforehand with an EMD-A, please see booking instruction further below. 

Please note that: 

  • Handling fee applies also to airsoft/paintball guns, replicas and decommissioned guns. 
  • No handling fee for carrying only ammunition. 
  • No handling fee for laser sport guns.                     

WEAP fee is refundable prior to departure. In no-show cases the fee is non-refundable in case the ticket does not allow no-show.  

If e-ticket is reissued to another route after EMD-A has been issued, refund Weapon handling fee EMD and issue a new one for the new routing.

For the time being, WEAP can be added to the booking only by Finnair, please contact Agent Help Desk for further assistance. Please notice that payment will be done using payment link.

  1. Add SSR e.g. 
    One case and 3 kg of ammunition 
    Two guns in two separate cases, no ammunition 
    Note: Add info about ammunition, even if none is taken onboard. 

  2. Add also info for check-in that the passenger carries a gun. 

  3. Price it as ancillary service.  

  4. Issue EMD-A 

  5. For travel within Finland only; if VAT breakdown is not available automatically on EMD receipt, add YF tax breakdown in FE element so that it is printed on the EMD receipt: TMI/FE-VAT 10% 4.55 EUR * TAXABLE VALUE 45.45 

  6. If baggage allowance is exceeded, charge the extra bag with SSR PDBG. 


Weapons cannot be checked in on previous evening, only on same day as the passenger is travelling. 

Weapon embargo

It is not possible to travel with weapon to/via London Heathrow (LHR) and London Gatwick (LGW) as well as to/from Hong Kong.  

Restrictions to Manchester also apply, please see more details below.  

There is also a complete embargo for weapons and ammunition on flights to/via/from Doha (DOH).

Transporting guns to Manchester

When flying to Manchester, please note that only bolt action type sporting rifles and conventional sporting shot guns may be transported. The maximum amount of shots may not exceed 2 cartridges.

Transport of pistols and revolvers as well as automatic or half-automatic weapons, self-loading or pump-action rifles is not allowed unless chambered for .22 rim fire. The passenger is responsible for formalities and customs clearance at arrival in Manchester.

The passenger also has to be able to show an invitation to a competition or from a landowner, and a hunting card or equivalent.