Medical equipment

Customer may bring necessary mobility aids, such as canes or elbow crutches, into the cabin with them. For instructions and approval of use of medical equipment onboard please contact Finnair Medadesk via Special Assistance Form on or e-mail
You can fill in the Special Assistance Form on behalf of the customer or advise customer to submit the form themselves. Please always include the details of medical equipment (make, model and manufacturer of the device).   

Medical devices

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure): 
CPAP is typically used for people who have sleep apnea. If the customer is using the CPAP for sleep apnea therapy there is no need for medical clearance. 

If the customer uses the CPAP for other breathing problems, a MEDIF will be required.

If the customer wants to use the CPAP on board:
CPAP can be used on Finnair long-haul flights only on specific seats with medical outlet:  

A350 Business: 08L 
A350 Economy: 55A 
A330 Business: 02A 
A330 Economy: 56A 

The seat is chargeable, unless customer´s ticket type or frequent flyer tier benefit allows seating free of charge. If the seat with CPAP-facility is already occupied by another customer at the time of booking, using CPAP onboard will not be possible.

After the seat has been booked, a special assistance form with details shall be completed online. The name, model and manufacturer of the CPAP device must always be included. Medadesk will check that the particular device can be used onboard. SR CPAP-line, including the details of the device, will be added in the PNR and confirmed by Medadesk.

CPAP usually needs electricity from the aircraft. Medadesk will order the medical outlet activation 3 days before flight departure. Please note that electricity from the aircraft can never be guaranteed. 

If  the customer doesn't need to use the CPAP during the flight: 
We don’t need any additional information from the customer, if the machine is not used onboard.


POC (Portable​ oxygen concentrator​):
POC is used to provide oxygen therapy to people that require greater oxygen concentration than the levels of ambient air. Medical clearance is always required for a customer who uses a POC device.

Please ask the customer to fill in Finnair MEDIF form available on this page and Special assistance form online at

Medadesk will handle the medical clearance process and confirm SSR PPOC including the details of the device after the MEDIF has been accepted. 

POC device is usually battery operated. The customer should have enough supplementary batteries (packed separately and protected from damage and short circuit). It's recommended to reserve batteries for approx 1,5 x flight time.

NOTE: In-flight oxygen / commercial oxygen can only be provided for patient transports made via known repatriation organizations and a medical escort is always required. Customer must contact their insurance company for arranging the booking. Customer can also inquire about the booking directly from the organizations, e.g. EMA Finland.


Other medical equipment: 
Please contact Finnair Medadesk regarding other medical equipment via Special Assistance Form online or by e-mail