Ancillary services

Help customers to enjoy their trip to the fullest with our travel extras – for example, customers can pick out their preferred seat, rest at a Finnair Lounge or savour a delicious meal during their flight. When everything is taken care of in advance, customers can just sit back and relax during their travel.

Travel extras can be added to flights at the time of booking or after. Please see the left-hand menu for all the different services. You will see the exact prices while purchasing.

Also, remember to check our ticket type benefits to see, what's already included in selected ticket type.

General instruction how to book meals, lounge access and internet access:

1.    Using the Ancillary Catalogue, booking, pricing and issuing the EMD is quick and easy.

  • FXK/G-ML will show bookable meals for the flights in the PNR
  • FXK/G-LG will show bookable lounge access for the flights in the PNR
  • FXK/G-IE will show bookable internet access for the flights in the PNR
  • FXK/G-BG will show baggage related services  
  • FXK will show all bookable options for all flights in the PNR

2.    FWK4/P1/S3 will book and price the chosen service. Number 4 is the line in the catalogue. Passenger/flight segment are optional. (Note: If SSR is not confirmed, the quota is full.)
3.    Add form of payment TMI/M1/FP-VI4012XXXXXXXXXXXX/1217*CV123
4.    Issue EMD: TTM/M1/RT