Extra baggage

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Any baggage carried in addition to the free checked baggage allowance may be subject to an extra bag charge. Travel agencies can charge the fee with EMD-A as a prepaid excess bag element, e.g. SR PDBG. 

Any bag that is larger or heavier than standard bag may incur a heavy bag charge, payable only at the airport.

Maximum weight for one standard piece of baggage is 23kg. When 23kg is exceeded, a heavy bag charge will be collected at the airport.

Maximum size for one piece: Larger items up to 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (75in x 29.5in x 25.5in) can be carried by paying a heavy bag charge at the airport. If the item is both oversized and between 23-32 kg, heavy bag charge will be collected only once. Some special items (for example larger SPEQ items) and large musical instruments, exceeding the maximum measures may be accepted, but prior approval from the carrier is required. For more information see SPECIAL BAGGAGE below.

Maximum number of bags: Customers may take up to 10 additional bags with the same weight and size restrictions as their baggage allowance.

Pre-paid additional baggage

When all the flights in your itinerary are operated by Finnair, and the flight number starts with AY and the ticket number with 105, you can pay in advance for up to three additional pieces of baggage or sports equipment within the size and weight of a standard bag. Extra bags can be purchased up until 3 hours before departure. Fares are available in GDS and at Finnair.com.

Charges at the airport

If the ticket includes flights from other airlines, IATA standards of the Most Significant Marketing Carrier (MSMC) define which airline’s baggage regulations apply to those flights. Excess baggage fees are defined by the airline that is carrying out the check-in. If possible, the extra bag charges are calculated according to the Most Significant Marketing Carrier’s extra bag charges.

Special baggage

In case special baggage is within the size and weight of a standard bag (including skis up to 220 cm (86 in)), the items can be carried as part of the normal baggage allowance.

In case special baggage exceeds the standard allowance or size, extra bag charge or heavy bag charge applies.

In case special baggage exceed the maximum dimensions (190 cm x 75 cm x 65 cm), a prior approval is needed from the airline. A fixed rate will be collected at the airport. Please see prices at Finnair.com.

Customer may carry wheelchairs and other mobility aids (e.g. bag of spare tires for wheelchair, shower chairs, special mattresses) free of charge. SSR-request with relevant WCH info is needed. For mobility aids, SR MOBA with free text shall be used.