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Customers can easily check in for their flight online on their computer or mobile device and avoid the queues at the airport. We recommend to complete self-service check-in whenever possible in order to reduce the time spent at the airport. 

Good to know when checking in 

  • In case customer checked in in advance and they already have their boarding pass, they can go directly to the bag drop or to their boarding gate via security. Bag tag must be printed at the check-in kiosk before dropping their baggage at the self-service counter.  
  • When departing from Helsinki Airport, customer can bring their checked baggage to the bag drop on the evening prior to their departure.
  • We advise you to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your departure or 3 hours before when departing for the USA.

For which flights is it possible to check in online?

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How to cancel online check-in?

Customer can cancel their check-in by re-entering the online check-in tool and by choosing "Cancel check-in".