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oneworld Explorer is one of the most popular, simple, flexible and best-value round-the-world fares available on the market – and the first multi-airline round-the-world fare that can be booked online. Prices are based on class of travel and, uniquely, the number of continents visited, rather than mileage of the overall trip. This keeps planning as simple as possible. Besides the online booking facility, also features a useful ‘itinerary planning’ tool for oneworld Explorer.

Visit oneworld’s plan and book your itinerary page to quickly build and price your itinerary.


Global Explorer is another round-the-world fare, which includes some airlines that are not part of oneworld, extending the choice of destinations further. Unlike oneworld Explorer, the cost of Global Explorer tickets is based on the distance flown, rather than the number of continents visited.

Learn more about this fare on the oneworld website

Oneworld round-the-world fare products




All destinations operated by oneworld member airlines and their affiliates.

All destinations operated by oneworld member airline, their affiliates and AS/BL/EI/GK/FJ/IG/JQ/PG/WS/3K.


Continent-based fare

Mileage based fare

Segment limits

Min: 3
Max:16 (4 free segments per continent, 6 in N. America)
Min: 3 
Max: 16

Pricing bands

3 continents (Northern hemisphere only)
4 continents
5 continents
6 continents
26,000 miles (Economy Class only)
29,000 miles (Economy Class only)
34,000 miles (all cabin classes)
39,000 miles (Economy Class only)

Minimum stay

Originating the Americas:10 days
All other: none
Flights originating in the Americas: 10 days
All other flights: none

Maximum stay

12 months

12 months

Minimum stopover



Maximum stopovers

(max. 2 on the departure continent)
26,000 miles: Max: 5, 2 per region
All others: 4 per region

Advance purchase

Prior to departure

Prior to departure

Ticketing time limits

Varies per cabin, see GDS rule

Varies per cabin, see GDS rule

Baggage allowance

Two free pieces of 23 kilos each shall be permitted. Additional allowances may apply, refer to individual carrier websites.

Two free pieces of 23 kilos each shall be permitted. Additional allowances may apply, refer to individual carrier websites.

Fare Basis Codes first

AONE3 / 4 / 5 / 6


Fare Basis Codes business

IONE3 / DONE3 / 4 / 5 / 6


Fare Basis Codes economy

LONE3 / 4 / 5 / 6

LGLOB26 / 29 / 34 / 39

Note: All rules are subject to change without notice, please consult your GDS for the most recent fare rule.

Example GDS commands for oneworld fare products




Display RTW




Quote RTW*




Display Circle




Quote Circle*




Note: oneworld fare rules do not auto price in the GDSs.

Multi-continent fares (circle fares)

oneworld Circle Fares are ideal for travellers who wish to visit multiple continents without actually flying all the way around the world.

Whether you are visiting the continents that border the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Oceans, oneworld Circle Fares offer you superb flexibility, convenience and value for money.

Choose from the following oneworld multi-continent fares:

Single-continent fares (visit passes)

Single-Continent Fares, or Visit Passes, offer multi-sector flights on any combination of oneworld carrier within a specific continent. Visit Passes offer a great-value way to travel around a region. oneworld is the only alliance to offer this sort of pass covering all six continents (apart from Antarctica). Visit Passes are also available for travel around Japan, Malaysia, the Middle East and the South Asian Sub-Continent. Prices are based on the number of sectors selected and the length of each sector.

Visit Australia & New Zealand

on FQD for chosen city pair and fare OZPAS; FQDSYDPER/AQF

Visit North America

on FQD for chosen city pair and fare S1VISIT or V1VISIT; FQDNYCMIA/AAA

Visit Malaysia

on FQD for chosen city pair and fare LWORLD; FQDKULBKI/AMH

Visit Middle East

on FQD for chosen city pair, currency USD and fare MEPASA; FQDDOHDXB/AQR/R,FS-USD

Visit South Asian Sub-Continent

on FQD for chosen city pair, currency USD and fare SASC; FQDMLECMB/AUL/R,FS-USD

Visit South America

on FQNLA/I082

Visit Asia

on FQNCX/0200

Visit Africa

on FQNBA/201

Visit Europe

on FQNAY/0300

Visit Japan YOKOSO

on FQNAY/0014

Visit Japan TOHOKU

on FQNAY/0012

Visit Japan KYUSHU

Further information on any of the above Visit Passes you will find here: