Pre-paid additional baggage

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It is possible to pay in advance the charges for up to eight additional bags or sports equipment within the measures and weight of a standard bag. Extra bags can be purchased up until 3 hours before departure and through Manage My Booking until 5 minutes prior the check-in closes. Fares are available in GDS/NDC channels and at



Fares are available in GDS and at


How to book

  1. Before selling additional baggage, make sure that the PNR is priced.
  2. Create a prepaid excess bag element, e.g. SR PDBG AY NN1/P1/S2 (NN1 = 1 bag). Only one bag per SSR permitted.
  3. Price with FXG
  4. Add form of payment TMI/M1/FP-VI4012XXXXXXXXXXXX/1212*CV123
  5. Issue EMD: TTM/M1/RT (Only EMD allowed). With cryptic entry EGCD/VAY you can check if your country supports EMD for Finnair.

Note: The ticket needs to be issued before or at the same time as the EMD-A, so that the EMD-A will get associated with the ticket.



The service is only available for Finnair flights

  • operated and marketed by AY
  • operated by Norra and marketed by AY with a “*” mark in front of the AY flight number
  • with a customer holding a 105-ticket
  • With a customer holding a ticket issued on another stock a Light iEMD is issued, more information is available in EMD-instructions.

It is not possible to sell pre-paid extra baggage if the passenger

  • is traveling with an AY codeshare flight operated by another carrier



If the route remains the same and the change is done in the same PNR:

  • Add SRPDBG to the new flight(s). The earlier paid EMD is automatically associated to SSR(s) at ticket revalidation/reissue time. If needed, add EMD manually and associate it to PDBG with a cryptic entry FHD 105-800012456/E7/P1. E7 stands for SSR line number.
  • If EMD hasn’t been automatically reassociated to e-ticket (indicator D in EMD), do a manual re-association: EWA/ASC/E1-2/TKT105-2411111111/E1-2 (first E1-2 = coupon numbers of the EMD, latter E1-2 = coupon numbers of the ticket)



Pre-paid extra baggage is non-refundable.