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Involuntary Refund

Whenever Finnair cancels a flight, customer is entitled to a full refund of an unused flight or an undelivered, pre-paid travel extra (ancillary service). The simplest way to get refund for unused ticket/coupon is to process the refund directly via your own reservation system (GDS).

Note! Just coupon status change to R-refunded is not reflecting monetary refund through ARC settlement.

All refunds through GDS are audited, in case of discrepancy in refund amount, Debit Memo (ADM) is raised for Travel Agent through ARC.

If GDS refund is not possible, Travel Agent is to apply for refund via Refund Web-form on Finnair internet site. Please mention in additional information box: ARC Agent.

Customer can also get a refund if their flight is delayed more than 5 hours or if the flight due to delay is no longer serving any purpose in relation to the passenger's original travel plan.

Unless there are specific instructions on Finnair Easy’s Agency Hotspot, travel agencies need an authorization from Finnair. Please contact Finnair’s Agent Help. However, if a flight has been cancelled by Finnair and is on UN/UC/HX status in the GDS and no suitable alternative is offered, no further authorization is needed. All flights not to be used must be cancelled from the PNR.

For EMD-coupon associated to flight coupon, please apply for refund via Refund Web-form.

Voluntary Refund

The refundable amount depends on ticket’s fare type. Process for voluntary refunds is the same as for involuntary refunds (via GDS directly or via Refund Web-form).

For voluntary refund requests an administrative refund handling fee of USD 75 is applicable and deducted from refund amount along with applicable cancellation fee.

Refund Web-form Guidelines

  • Before applying refund insert into PNR: SR OTHS YY- REFUND DUE XXX
  • All flights not to be used must be cancelled from the PNR. When flights are not cancelled, refund will be rejected. 
  • Web-form must include booking reference (PNR), flight document numbers and reason for refund.  
  • Refund is applied with latest available ticket from booking history. 
  • Refunds are paid to original form of payment: 
    • When flight document is originally paid with Credit Card, refund will be processed to same credit card. 
    • When flight document is originally paid with Cash (ARC settlement), refund will be processed as Credit Memo (ACM) for the agent.
  • Administrative refund handling fee (voluntary refunds) is waived when Travel Agency is not able to handle direct refund from their own GDS due to technical reason or ticket control is on re-issued Airline office (exchange ticket). Remember to copy your error message.
  • Apply for refund no later than one year after last usage date of the ticket or if ticket totally unused after one year of the ticket issuance date.

Refund Handling Time

Average refund handling time is approximately 7 days. Some requests may take longer, for example when another airline is contacted.

Refund Contact

For questions regarding a pending refund request (more than 7 days) or you have question to processed refund, please send email to Please do not send any personal data.

Please notice that these instructions apply to individual bookings.

For refunds of group bookings made through Finnair Group Travel tool (on all markets excluding AU, CN, HK, JP, KR, RU where FGT not available) please see more information here.

For refunds of group bookings made outside of Finnair Group Travel tool, please contact Finnair Group Sales Support.