Musical instruments

Customer can take their musical instruments with them on our flights. Depending on their size, musical instruments are carried either in the cabin or in the hold of the aircraft. Most musical instruments fit in normal baggage allowance. Each item counts as one piece of baggage. You’ll find more information below.

Musical instruments in the cabin

  • A musical instrument can be brought in the cabin when it is packed in a hard case with dimensions no bigger than 125cm/49in (width + length + height; the typical size of a violin case) and the weight is the allowed carry-on baggage weight at maximum.  

  • The musical instrument is counted as one piece of carry-on baggage, and in addition to that passenger can take one small bag such as a small handbag, a small laptop bag or a small backpack. If passenger is travelling with a Superlight ticket, a carry-on bag needs to be purchased separately while booking flights or added later to the booking.  

  • If an instrument is too large to fit in the carry-on baggage space, an additional seat may be purchased, read more about extra cabin baggage. 

Musical instruments as checked baggage

  • Musical instruments can be included into checked baggage when the instrument fits into the size limits: maximum 23kg (50lb) and external dimensions no more than 90cm x 75cm x 45cm (35in x 30in x 18in). Some exceptions to external dimensions apply. For example, guitars and medium-sized keyboards are considered a standard bag. 

  • If needed, additional bag with the maximum weight of 23kg and external dimensions of 90cm x 75cm x 45cm can be purchased in advance, read more about extra bags.

  • Larger musical instruments up to 32kg and/or 190cm x 75cm x 65cm can be carried for an additional heavy bag charge.

This information applies to all flights operated by Finnair – if the trip includes flights operated by other airlines, please check their baggage regulations.