EMD is used to collect all fees outside a ticket. It can be used for example for Weapons, Pets, advance seating and Name change fees.

EMD-S and EMD-A 

There are two types of EMDs, the standalone EMD (EMD-S) and the associated EMD (EMD-A) that can be associated to e-ticket coupons. The two types differ in their behavior and usage. Here are the main characteristics:

Standalone EMD (EMD-S)

  • Issued for a residual value or the collection of miscellaneous charges that are not lifted with an e-ticket coupon. For example group deposits, change fees. 
  • Can consist of a single or multiple value coupons depending on background settings. 
  • Can be issued in connection with individual e-ticket coupons or an e-ticket. 
  • Can be linked with an e-ticket for reference. 
  • Can be consumed at issuance or used at different stages. 
  • Has no interaction with the airline systems (reservation systems and DCSs).

Associated EMD (EMD-A) 

  • Issued for the collection of miscellaneous charges and extra bag charges that are lifted (considered used) at the same time as the e-ticket coupon. For example, sports equipment, pets in cabin or animal in hold, extra bag. 
  • Can consist of a single or multiple value coupons that are directly linked to individual flight coupons. 
  • Each EMD coupon that is associated to an e-ticket is referenced in the e-ticket record with the corresponding e-ticket coupon. 
  • The carrier and the routing of the EMDA and the e-ticket coupons must match. 
  • Can be automatically or manually associated or disassociated (airline agents) 
  • Final usage depends on the e-ticket coupon it is associated to, providing it does not become disassociated.

Light iEMD

It is possible to issue EMD also in cases when the chargeable SSR (for example prepaid seat, prepaid baggage*) is sold on a Finnair flight, but the e-ticket is issued on another carrier’s stock. This can be done in 1A travel agencies when the flight is a prime Finnair flight (marketed and operated by Finnair). 

Pricing of SSR and issuance are done according to normal processes. Association to OAL e-ticket coupon is shown on AY EMD, but there is no association information on the OAL e-ticket

In code share flights when the flight is marketed by another carrier and operated by Finnair, the ancillary services can be sold by calling Finnair Agent Help Desk

*Please note that prepaid baggage (SSR PDBG) as Light iEMD cannot be issued, if there is a direct connection without stop-over between 2 or more airlines. Baggage exceeding the allowance involving several airlines on the itinerary can be paid at the airport.

How to book chargeable services depending on the EMD type 

To book a chargeable service for which you want to issue an EMD, you can either enter a Special Service Request (SSR) element in the PNR for EMDs that are associated to a flight segment (EMD-A) or a Manual Auxiliary Segment (SVC) for EMDs that are not associated to a flight segment (EMD-S).

  • When to use an SSR element
    If you want to book a special service that is associated to a flight segment, extra bag, sports equipment or a pet in cabin, for example, you can use a Special Service Request (SSR) element. Service must be confirmed before EMD-A can be issued based on SSR element.
  • When to use an SVC segment 
    For standalone services that do not need to be associated to a flight segment, you enter an auxiliary segment in the PNR. 
    In NDC, available services can be chosen from the catalogue. 
    In Edifact bookings, this type of auxiliary service segment must be entered with an NN action code and it can be associated to one passenger only. Also a city pair must be specified.

What are RFICs/RFISCs? 

An RFIC is a Reason-For-Issuance code. It defines which group of services an EMD belongs to. The RFICs are compliant with the IATA standard. An RFIC can have multiple Reason-For-Issuance Sub-Codes (RFISCs). The RFISCs are airline-specific. 

When you create an EMD pricing record (TSM), the RFIC and RFISCs and their description are automatically filled in the EMD TSM. 

Change fee (EMD-S): D/993 SVC PENF 
Name change fee (EMD-S): D/115 SVC NAME 
Name correction fee (EMD-S): D/225 SVC NACO 
Group deposit (EMD-S): D/997 SVC DEPO 
Residual value for refundable balances (EMD-S): D/996 SVC RSVR 
Group split fee (EMD-S): D/0L6 SVC SPLT 
Group cancellation fee (EMD-S): D/995 SVC CANC 
Group check-in desk (EMD-S): E/GCK SVC GCKI 
Prepaid baggage (EMD-A): C/0AA SSR PDBG 
Chargeable seat (EMD-A): A/0B5 SSR RQST 
Weapon handling fee (EMD-A): D/0ED SSR WEAP 
Bike (EMD-A): C/ 0HY SSR BIKE 
Animal in hold (EMD-A): C/0BS SSR AVIH 
Pet in cabin (EMD-A): C/0BT SSR PETC