Seaman and marine industry fares

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Finnair’s global, private seaman and marine industry fares are distributed to travel agents with a valid marine fare agreement with Finnair. The agent must agree to follow the latest version of Finnair’s booking and ticketing policy as for any other fares.

Private seaman and marine industry fares are valid only with a valid seaman ID or proof of travel for seamen, families of seamen (spouse & children aged 2-21 years) and maintenance personnel/inspectors visiting a ship or offshore rigs. Please read the full list of eligible passengers and requirements for ID/essential documentation from the fare rules’ eligibility (EL) section.

Pricing code for marine fare:

Amadeus: RSEA,U​
Galileo: SEAMAN
Sabre: SEA01​​​​​​​​
Worldspan: SEA

Fares are based on published Flex ticket type. The fares are not linked to any specific corporate/shipping company and cannot be made available with a corporate specific pricing code.  

  • Passenger type code SEA must be used in the name element*
  • Booking changes and cancellations are permitted, see the penalty (PE) section of the fare rules
  • In case the published fare levels are changed by Finnair, the marine fares will change accordingly 

OS AY MARINE FARE along with ship’s name and country of registration must inserted exactly in the right format or the flights will be cancelled, for example OS AY MARINE FARE MS GALAXY EXPRESS NORWAY.

Please note that office-based staff are excluded from using these rates. This includes managers/directors travelling for site inspections and on-board meetings.

Any abuse of the fare conditions will result in an ADM being issued for the full gross Y or D class fare in addition to withdrawal of these fares from the agent without notice.

Finnair's standard conditions of carriage apply also to tickets sold with marine fares.

* The use of SEA passenger type is required with a marine fare to guarantee marine fare’s higher baggage quota (2PC in Economy/Premium Economy and 3PC in Business), any other passenger type code or leaving passenger type code blank will cause conflicting information in our check-in system and might lead to possible extra baggage charges at airport.​​​​​​​