Flight disruptions

Finnair is one of Europe’s most on-time airlines. Sometimes flights can, however, be disrupted. Flight disruptions refer to situations where a flight is delayed, cancelled, or otherwise does not operate according to the planned schedule due to technical, weather, etc. 

Please note that Finnair is not responsible if a customer misses a separate flight connection with another carrier or a separate train, bus, or ferry connection.

  • Non-ticketed group bookings: rebooking only on original route for alternative flights or travel dates, no rebooking for other airlines allowed 
  • Ticketed group bookings: rebooking for alternative flights or travel dates allowed. Full refund permitted even if only one flight in the itinerary has been cancelled and no alternative option is available. 
  • If flight is cancelled and no alternative option is available but deposit is already paid, full deposit refund is allowed (even if only one flight in the itinerary has been cancelled) 

Please contact your local Finnair Group Sales Support for further information.