About Finnair NDC

NDC (New Distribution Capability) standard is a travel industry-wide initiative launched by IATA. NDC enables agents to sell the full airline product offering to their end customers in a more personalized and digital way. In other words, NDC helps travel agents to offer a retailing experience to their leisure and business travelers.

As one of the forerunners in NDC, Finnair has been an active member of original IATA NDC Leaderboard of airlines since 2016. Leaderboard airlines have committed to industry-wide NDC development, making sure NDC will become the enhanced distribution model bringing value to all parties in the value chain.

Benefits for travel agents

With NDC, travel agents will be able to offer a retailing experience that end customers today expect. Benefits of NDC include:

  • Access to all Finnair Fare Products including Light fares 
  • Avoid cost recovery surcharge 
  • Informative and enriched offers
  • Offer relevancy
  • Easy access to all ancillaries and smart fare up-sell
  • New products such as bundles
  • Smoother servicing of bookings
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention