Hearing impaired (DEAF)

If passenger is hearing impaired, advance notification is needed. We need information about the hearing impaired passenger in advance in order to anticipate their need for assistance. Hearing impaired passengers are boarded first and they are given personal safety instructions. Please check with the customer the type of assistance required and inform the customer of all matters concerning the reservation.

In case passenger is blind-deaf, they always need a personal assistant. Otherwise Special Assistance Form must be filled for medical clearance.

Hearing impaired passenger with an assistance dog

Assistance dogs accompanying disabled customers shall be requested as SR SVAN (service/assistance dog). PETC request shall not be used in association with trained assistance dogs.
Example of the SSR request: SR SVAN - HEARING DOG/S2-3/P1

Please see also Assistance and service dogs.

Seating of hearing impaired passenger

Hearing impaired passenger and one travel companion in same PNR are seated free of charge. Hearing impaired passenger will be seated in a window seat. Please note that the row where passenger is seated might change due to operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft.

Booking instructions via NDC

For the time being, DEAF can be added to the booking only by Finnair, please fill in special assistance form latest 48 hours before departure, or contact Agent Help Desk for further assistance.  

Booking instructions via EDIFACT

Add SR DEAF element in the reservation.
Please note this SSR-line is informational only and will be auto-confirmed. If the customer requires assistance at the airport, please add the information in the SSR request:  SR DEAF- NEEDS ASSISTANCE AT AIRPORT/P1/S3