Ticketing time limits

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On a booking there are time limits for flight segments, fare selected as well as TST validity that must be observed. Please pay attention to all of these as they may differ from each other. 


Validity of TST

In most market areas the TST (transitional stored ticket) is valid until the end of the TST creation day. In practice this means that if not ticketed on the same day, you need to re-price PNR. This is independent of TTL (ticketing time limit). If the customer wants to wait with the ticketing, please inform him/her that the fare and/or taxes may change.


  • Your market states the TST is valid until the end of the same day.
  • You have made a reservation on Monday and priced with a fare requiring ticketing latest on Thursday (TTL 72 hours).
  • If you do the ticketing on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, you need to re-price.


Ticketing time limit of the fare

Some fares, such as Tour Operator fares, may have different ticketing deadlines with fare guarantee which can be checked from the fare rules (AP advance purchase section). 


PNR ticketing time limit

OPW and OPC elements (for Amadeus agents) and SSR ADTK (for non-Amadeus agents) will be processed immediately after EOT/booking creation and queued to booking office for attention.

Travel agencies benefit from this by receiving reliable information about ticketing time limits at booking time and can provide accurate ticketing time limit to the customer instantly. In case of rebooking a new time limit will be updated to the PNR.

For Amadeus agents, there are two elements in the procedure:
OPW – warning for time limit to remind about the approaching ticketing time limit (used only when the fare booked carries a flexible time limit)
OPC – cancellation time limit or last day to issue ticket. If no ticket issued before the given date and time, unticketed segments will be cancelled

For all other GDS users, the time limit will be shown as SSR ADTK element.

In case ticket is not issued before the time limit expiry, segments are cancelled and PNR is queued to booking office for attention.