Information elements

NDC bookings 

Currently only RM and OSI elements can be added via NDC channels. Check availability with your service provider. 
SSR CLID is created automatically when corporate client code is used in the booking. 
Other SSR elements can be added by the Agent Help Desk on request.

Edifact bookings

OSAY TCP replaced with SK LKRL

Reservations must be linked together when a child under 12-years-old travels together with his/her parents or some other adult and they have separate reservations.

As of 13 Dec 23, OSI TCP is replaced with a new SK LKRL (Linking by Record Locator) element.

With this change we are able to broaden the use of linking the PNRs. You can also link travel parties and tier members (Gold, Platinum, Platinum Lumo) to their families in different PNRs if they request this.

Example command in Amadeus: SK LKRL AY-XXXXXX/S2 (XXXXXX = pnr) 

It is possible to add max 7 PNR codes (SK LKRL AY-KKOOKJ-XXX123-123YYY/s2). 

In case of NDC booking, please contact Finnair Agent Help Desk for linking.

Thus the PNRs are linked together in the departure control system and the onload process will handle both PNRs as a group automatically.

Do not use SK LKRL for any other cases.


As of September 2023, OS AY CMP is no longer used to register corporate sales, but corporate client code is entered in a Finnair flight booking as SSR CLID element. 

You can find more information on SSR CLID on Finnair Corporate Programme page in section “4. Client code”.