Instructions for involuntary reissue

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NDC bookings 

Regardless of how many days before departure involuntary change takes place, all involuntary changes follow below same guidelines.


For customer-initiated free of charge changes, self re-accommodation can be done:


In case the passenger doesn't accept the flight change and wishes to cancel, please use one of below options:


After cancellation, IATA-BSP Agents should request the refund via BSPlink. 

GDS Edifact bookings

Unless there are specific instructions on Easy Hotspot, travel agencies can handle booking based on general disruption policy. In any other situations Finnair Agent Help Desk must be contacted. 

Involuntary changes are divided in to two categories described below. Depending on the occasion of an involuntary change, a correct approach must be followed.


  • A disruption is an involuntary change to a Finnair flight 2 days or less before the first scheduled departure date on the ticket.
  • In disruption cases endorsement text must read “INVOL REROUTE”.
  • I-indicator in front of fare calculation must be used in case of disruption.

Commercial schedule change or cancellation

  • A schedule change is an involuntary change to a Finnair flight more than 2 days prior to flight departure.
  • In planned schedule change / cancellation, endorsement text must read “SKCHG”.
  • S-indicator in front of the fare calculation must be used in case of a planned sched change.

Processing involuntary reissue on 105 document

Please see below which elements need to be taken into consideration when building an involuntary reissue TST and added to PNR.

TST The original fare from the exchangeable ticket must be in reissue mode on new TST.
TST The original taxes from the exchangeable ticket must be in old mode on new TST.
TST No additional collection, ‘Total’ and/or ‘Grand Total’ is 0.
TST The original endorsement from the exchangeable ticket copied to new TST must have one of the following additional text at the end: “INVOL REROUTE” or “SKCHG” (please see further above for more info).
OS element Depending on case, one of below must be added (please see further above for more info which one to use) OS AY INVOL CHANGE DUE TO DISRUPTION OS AY INVOL CHANGE DUE TO SKCHG
Waiver code Separate waiver code from Finnair is not needed.

Please be alert that you are reissuing/exchanging the correct coupons from the ticket. For unused tickets, do involuntary reissue for the whole ticket, even though there are changes only on outbound or homebound.

Even though all flights on the ticket are not changed, you need to include all flights, since it is within the same fare component of the whole homebound travel.

Ticketing and informing the customer

Please always double-check both the original ticket and the reissued ticket that you can see that the correct coupons are in E(Exchange) status and O(Open) status, or alternatively A(Airport control) status. 

Send a copy of the reissued ticket to the customer. Also check if there are any possible special services (SSR) booked to the original flights that need to be rebooked to the new flights. 

At the time the customer has agreed and approved the new flights/schedule, it is recommended to insert information of this in the PNR. For example SR OTHS PAX ACCEPTED SCHED CHG FOR AY006 or similar that suits the occasion.