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All seat reservations for point of sale  South Korea are chargeable.


When seating a group please split Finnair Plus Platinum and Gold card holders as well as oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members from the main group before making the seat reservations free of charge for these tier members.

At the moment seat reservations for tier members prevent charging the seats for other passengers in the group. As other passengers are not allowed free seating, the charge might be collected at the airport.


  • Seat reservations can be done in advance by the booking agent at any time after PNR creation with passenger names. Payment for chargeable seats is required by EMD latest 7 days prior to departure after e-ticket issuance.
  • Advance seat reservations fees are defined on the day of EMD issuance. 
  • Please note, all chargeable pre-paid services are non-refundable.

Instructions for Amadeus users how to book ASR standard seats:

  1. Select a seat from the seat map and passenger association. If there are multiple passengers in the PNR, all the seats should be in the same SSR element.
  2. The SSR RQST elements are entered into the PNR with the status HK, with the chargeable indicator ‘ / ’ in front of the SSR element.
  3. Price chargeable SSR elements using FXG/L7,8. Please check a TSM-P has been created (TSM-M not valid).
  4. Add form of payment using TMI/M1/FP-VI4012XXXXXXXXXXXX/1212*CV123 (M1 = TSM number if several TSMs on the reservation).
  5. Issue EMD: TTM/M1/RT. Please note EMD cannot be issued without E-ticket.

The SK element will appear in the PNR after a few minutes, as an example Economy Comfort Seat: SK PCST.

Finnair uses Amadeus Issuance Limit – AIL to check for the document issuance for chargeable services.

If the document is not issued within 72 hours from the time the flight segment is booked, but no later than 72 hours before the flight departure, the chargeable seats are cancelled. If either one of these limits if reached, AIL gives 2 hours for the document issuance before canceling the chargeable seats. At the time of EOT, AIL gives a warning message (shown in the PNR as OPW- and OPC-info), telling when the documents need to be issued by.