This page provides help with the most common questions about how to use Finnair Group Travel like a pro.
You can find detailed instructions in the Help Library of the tool with PDF documents and videos.

How can I make a group booking?

Travel agents are required to complete the registration form before access to FGT is granted: Register (finnair.com). Once you have completed the form and agreed to the terms and conditions for using FGT, Finnair will review your registration details. A member of our team will review your registration, this may take a few days.

When access is granted, you will receive your log-in details by email. You can then quote, book, amend and ticket your Finnair group bookings online.

Who needs to register?

The manager or key group contact from your agency will need to initially register. This person will automatically be given Agency Administrator rights and can then create more Users for their agency directly in FGT.

Do I need to hold an IATA license to book Finnair group flights?

Registration is available to IATA-licensed agencies with ticketing authority. 

How can I access FGT?

To access FGT a username and password is required. Agents must first register. See “How can I make a group booking” above.

Can the administration username be used by all agency staff?

Each agency user will require an individual username and password. Once registered, the agency administrator can add additional users within their agency. The administrator can assign administrator rights to other users, too. If you wish to facilitate this, please contact your local Finnair Group Sales Support team. A maximum of 2 more Agency Administrators may be added per agency.

When will I receive my system username and password?

Once you have completed the registration form Finnair will review your registration request. If successful, you will then receive your username and password by email. This may take a few days.

How far in the future can I make a booking?

The booking window will be 330 days ahead.

Can agents complete the entire sales process online?

FGT allows agents to fully manage the end-to-end booking flow all online:

  • Check Availability and Pricing
  • Confirm Bookings
  • Add Group Passenger Names
  • Splits
  • Make Amendments
  • Make Payments
  • Ticketing
  • Post-Ticket name Changes/Corrections

Does FGT offer immediate group availability and pricing?

The system will provide an immediate price for the requested flights when group space is available. For more complex quotes or when there are restrictions on groups availability, you will receive a response within two business days.  

What type of groups can be requested via the system?

All types of groups can be booked via FGT including leisure groups, sports groups, school trips, orchestras, conferences etc. Group bookings in co-operation with other carriers cannot be booked via FGT. To add sports equipment, musical instruments or XBAG please kindly contact your local Finnair Group Sales Support.

How many people need to fly together to qualify as a group?

Minimum 10 passengers on at least one common flight.

When do group tickets have to be issued?

Ticketing deadline is 7days prior to departure. If the booking is created within 7 days of departure, ticketing is due 24 hours after booking creation.

When are group passenger names required?

Passenger names must be entered latest at the time of ticketing.

How can I issue groups tickets?

Tickets must be issued online using FGT and agents can generate their group tickets via FGT under “Ticketing”.

Kindly note, for group bookings with 21 or more passengers, you can only select “Ticket Offline” = sending the PNR to the ticketing robot.

Does FGT send reminders for deadlines?

FGT automatically sends email reminders for deadlines such as quote expiry, deposit payment, final payment, naming and ticketing.

How can I make payments?

Payments can only be made by Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD).

What is the Finnair ancillary policy for group bookings?

All ancillaries for a group booking can be purchased by contacting your local Finnair Group Sales Support team. After ticket issuance group passengers can also book ancillaries via Manage Booking

Online check-in is available for group bookings. The online check-in opens 36h or 24h before departure, depending on the destination.

Who is responsible for travel documents?

It is the responsibility of the agent to ensure ticketing is performed by the specified ticketing deadline. It is the responsibility of the passenger to arrange the necessary travel documents/visa needed to gain entry to the destination country.

Is it possible to make changes to group bookings?

You can make most changes online on FGT: date changes, adding flights, increasing or decreasing the group size, splits, etc. After ticket issuance post-ticket name changes and name corrections can be made online, all other changes must be handled by your local Finnair Group Sales Support team.

Can a group passenger use a Self-Service Check-in Kiosk at the airport?

Group passengers are permitted to use the Self-Service Check–in kiosks at their departure airport, if available.

Who can I contact regarding flight irregularities outside of normal office hours?

Please contact Finnair Customer Care only if the group’s departure is within the next 72 hrs. and immediate attention is required, and your local Finnair Group Sales Support is closed. 

Non-IATA agents/MICE agencies:

Please kindly refer to your ticketing agent to obtain a Finnair group quote.

If I have a quote, but do not want to use it, will this incur any fees?

If you only have a quote, that means no seats are booked as HK, then you do not incur any fees should you not wish to take up Finnair’s group offer.

Can all Users make payments?

You can set the User permissions for each individual User within your agency: book/amend/ticket.

How do I get notified of schedule changes?

FGT is sending out automated notifications by email. Finnair will endeavour to offer an alternative travel solution where possible, in case of schedule changes.

Where can I view the Terms & Conditions?

When saving a quote, you will receive an email that also contains a link to the Terms & Conditions.

Where can I find training material for FGT?

You can find all training material inside the FGT site under “HELP”. Click on your Username in the top right hand corner, then select “HELP” from the drop-down list.

How do I enter names?

You can either enter names directly into FGT, or you can download an Excel template from the Names tab. Once you have filled in the Excel, you can then upload the names to the FGT.

Do I have to enter all names at the same time?

No, you can enter the names as you receive them from your client. Every time you enter a name, FGT will save and update,

How can I change a name before ticketing?

You go to the Names tab and simply type over the passenger name that you wish to change. Then save and FGT will update the booking.

What happens if there is a change in taxes before the final payment?

To make the final payment, you will have to generate a final payment statement. FGT then recalculates all taxes and updates the final amount in case there were any tax changes.

Final payment statement is valid only for 24h. Tickets must be issued within 24h from ordering the final payment statement. When the time limit has expired, a new statement  needs to be generated.

Can I view a group PNR in my own GDS?

You can only view and access a group booking on FGT.