Customers can easily check in for their flight online on their computer or mobile device and avoid the queues at the airport. We recommend to completeself-service check-in whenever possible in order to reduce the time spent at the airport.  

Good to know when checking in 

  • In case customer checked in in advance and they already have their boarding pass, they can go directly to the bag drop or to their boarding gate via security. Bag tag must be printed at the check-in kiosk before dropping their baggage at the self-service counter.   

  • When departing from Helsinki Airport, customer can bring their checked baggage to the bag drop already on the evening prior to their departure. 

  • We advise you to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure or 3 hours before when departing for the USA. Check-in deadlines can be checked on

  • Check-in times may vary if the flight is operated by a partner airline; please check the corresponding airlines for correct check-in times. 

Below you can find all the relevant information about checking in for Finnair flights, whether the customer wants to complete it in advance or at the airport. Read more about the check-in process from a passenger point of view and help customers to choose the most suitable option for them.

Check-in in advance

Check in for Finnair flights online. This way the passenger can begin their trip when it best suits them and avoid unnecessary queuing at the airport.

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Check-in at the airport

Passenger can also check in at the airport using the self-service check-in kiosks, or at our check-in desks. At Helsinki Airport it’s also possible to check in and drop off baggage the night before passenger’s flight.

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Bag drop

If passenger has baggage to check in, they can skip the queues by leaving their bags at the self-service Bag Drop or our Bag Drop desks during their flight’s check-in period.

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Cancel check-in

Customer can cancel their check-in by re-entering  the online check-in tool and choosing "Cancel check-in".

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Through check-in 

Finnair takes care of passenger’s through check-in in all cases where the passenger has an agreement of carriage with Finnair and the through check-in is technically possible and is according to local instructions. This agreement of carriage requires that the passenger holds a Passenger Ticket and Baggage Check, or an electronic ticket, as defined in the Conditions of Carriage and issued by Finnair or on its behalf. 

Passenger’s flight reservation and flight ticket (single agreement with specific airline) are not always the same thing. Each ticket with different ticket number is an independent agreement of carriage with the ticketed air carrier. It is not possible to through check either passenger or baggage between separate flight tickets even if they are in the same booking. Check-in is possible only to the final destination on each individual agreement of carriage (= flight ticket). 

It’s important to remember that Minimum Connection Time (MCT) at each airport is based on the assumption that flights are booked on the same ticket and this way passenger and baggage may be through checked to the final destination. In case flights are on separate tickets, passenger has to collect baggage and recheck on the connecting flight at the transfer station thus MCT is no longer valid. Passenger shall be informed already at the time of reservation that check-in can be done only as far as Finnair has a contract of carriage with the passenger. 


Finnair through check-in policy 

Passenger and baggage shall be through checked to the final destination as indicated by the flight ticket, provided it constitutes one single agreement of carriage with Finnair. Finnair will provide through check-in for a journey ticketed in a single booking; this includes segments ticketed separately but booked in the same reservation (and/or referenced in a single reservation during the time of booking). 

In addition to the basic rule Finnair will allow through check-in of customer and baggage with separate tickets on separate bookings on AY–AY (including AY franchising flights operated by Norra) connections when the transfer is within the Minimum Connection Time (MCT). For AY–AY connection flights on the separate bookings have to be both marketed and operated by Finnair or Norra and flights ticketed on the 105-stock. The agent shall always inform the customer of the destination where the customer and his or her baggage are checked-in to.