Name elements

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On this page you can find information how to insert name element in different scenarios. We advise to ensure that customer’s first name and surname are spelled in the same way on the flight ticket as in their passport or other travel document accepted on the route.  

In case any other airline is included in the ticket, please check with the respective airline that the same instructions apply on their flight segments as well. 


General guidelines


Child, 2–11 years old

Young accompanied passenger, 12-15 years old

Youth*, 16–25 years old
*If target is youth fare, also 12–15 applicable

Senior, 65+ years old

Passenger with infant

Name discrepancies between the flight ticket and the passport may cause problems at check-in and at various authority check points. Please note that the name must be spelled exactly the same way as on the passenger’s passport. You can find more information on Name Corrections page


Adding the title (MR/MS) to the name element is recommended, but not mandatory. 
Title is added to Adult passengers only (not children or infants).

  • If the ticket has been issued without a title, it is not necessary to reissue the ticket to include it. 
  • If the ticket is issued with the wrong title:  
    • Schengen flights - no need to reissue the ticket with the correct title. SSR CKIN element is sufficient (e.g. SR CKIN PLS NOTE CORRECT GENDER IS MS) 
    • Non-Schengen flights - title should be fixed and ticket reissued (name correction fee applies) 
  • Customers with gender neutral passports (gender marker X) can use either MR or MS, or leave the title blank. 

Scandinavian and other uncommon letters

The Scandinavian letters Å, Ä and Ö in the travel document are accepted in the ticket both as AA/A, AE/A and OE/O. E.g. the name MÄKINEN can be written on the ticket as MAEKINEN or MAKINEN. In the API-data (SSR DOCS) the name has to be written as MAEKINEN (as it is spelled in the machine readable zone of passport).  
German ß can be written as ss or s in the name element, but in API-data it should be typed as ss (as in the machine readable zone of passport).

Double-barreled names

Double-barreled surnames: 
On Schengen and ​non-Schengen flights the surname must be written in the name element as it is in the passport. If surname is too long to fit into the name element field of the PNR, it can only be shortened from the end, not from the beginning or middle of the name. For example Leinonen-Virtanen is in PNR and ticket Leinonen Virtanen. 

Double-barreled first names:
To have only one of the names from a double-barreled first name in the PNR, please contact Finnair Agent Info.


Updating the name element

Ticketed reservations: 
In name corrections and name changes the fee can be collected either before or after contacting Finnair Agent Info for update of the name element. In case ticket is issued to other than 105 document, please contact the issuing airline. 

Unticketed reservations: 
Name correction (passenger remains the same) is possible for reservations made the same day. In all other scenarios you need to cancel the incorrect PNR and create a new one according to current availability. 


Special cases

When a passenger has only one name in the passport, enter the name by choosing correct option below:

Last name unknown (LNU):
LNU/ELISABETH MS (if there is no name in the last name field of the passport) 
Add the SSR check-in lines to the PNR: SSR CKIN AY HN1 PSGR NO LASTNAME1-4
In addition, please contact Finnair Agent info.

First name unknown (FNU):
JOHNSON/FNU MS (if there is no name in the first name field of the passport) 
In addition, please contact Finnair Agent info.

One-letter family names:  
At least two letters are needed due to system requirement. If there is only one letter in the family name, please insert first the letter, then an empty space and the gender indicator. For example if the family name is Y: Y MR/LINUS MR 


Fictitious names 

According to our Booking and Ticketing Policy, fictitious names are not accepted and will be cancelled by automated PNR control and are subject to Agency Debit Memo (ADM).