Instructions for travel agents

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A Finnair Plus member flying Finnair or a Finnair Plus partner:

  • FFAAY-678912345 (adds name and SSR lines).
  • FFNAY-678912345 (if name is already in the booking). 

Finnair Plus partner’s member flying Finnair:

  • FFAxx-123456789,AY (xx = the airline code of the partner).
  • FFDAY-678912345 command gives the name and oneworld™ status of the member.
  • RTM/AY-678912345 command gives all valid bookings for the membership number in question.

Finnair Plus requires power of attorney when someone other than the account holder makes an inquiry regarding the following issues:

  • changes are made to account information (for example, change in address)
  • point balance is requested
  • an award booking is made for a family member (if the member is not travelling with the family member).

Power of attorney is not required when someone other than the member (e.g. travel agency) makes a booking for the member to travel either alone or with travel companions. 
These terms are valid until further notice. If there is any abuse of these terms, there may be changes in the power of attorney policy.

Travel agency can do an upgrade on behalf of the customer by contacting Finnair Plus service.

Customer may do the upgrade through Finnair website, which we recommend as the smoothest option, or by contacting Finnair Plus customer service. Upgrade through Finnair website requires logging in. Upgrade is available when following conditions are fulfilled:

  • the booking is for a flight operated and marketed by Finnair (AY code on the ticket)
  • the ticket has been issued
  • the booking in the original travel class has been confirmed.

The limitations of the original ticket are valid regardless of the upgrade. Avios are granted according to the original ticket. The upgrade availability may be limited per each flight. Confirmation of the upgrade may be received only a few days before the flight, and an upgrade is not always possible. More information about upgrades. View upgrade availability.

Finnair Plus award tickets must be booked from the Finnair Plus Service Center or from the booking engine on the Finnair website.

The following should be noted about Finnair Plus award tickets:

  • Taxes, surcharges and fees related to the award tickets cannot be paid with Finnair Plus points.
  • On Finnair website customers may use a combination of money and Finnair Plus points to purchase a flight ticket.

The Platinum and Platinum Lumo member benefit of a confirmed seat for reservations made at least 48 hours before departure is valid on following routes and booking classes: 

  • Scheduled short-haul (flights within Europe) flights in Business Class, when the ticket is for booking class J. 

  • Scheduled short-haul and long-haul flights in Economy Class, when the ticket is for booking class Y. 


On Doha and Dubai routes confirmed seat benefit is available only in Economy Class. 

Benefit is not available on Kajaani, Kokkola/Kemi, Jyväskylä or Joensuu routes. Please note that in exceptional circumstances, this benefit may not be available on some other flights.  

Members can add missing Avios from Finnair scheduled flights on the Finnair Plus by signing in to Finnair Plus account. This can be done at the earliest five days following the flight, but it must be done no later than six months from the fight date.

The member can log in with their username and password. The username is the same as the number of the Finnair Plus card without the AY prefix.

More information on claiming missing Avios