Name changes

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Name change is done when passenger changes. In case of name correction for the same passenger, please see instructions for name corrections.    

Name changes are allowed for ticketed bookings only. In case a booking is not ticketed and passenger changes, a new PNR with current availability is created.

Name change is possible in Finnair CLASSIC and FLEX type fares - whether name change is allowed or not is always specified in the fare notes.

Name change is possible only before departure of the first flight and ticket must be completely unused.

  • When combined fares on one ticket, the most restrictive name change rule applies.
  • Fake names are not permitted and PNRs will be cancelled automatically.
  • Allowed on AY and Norra operated AY flights.
  • Name change must be requested by the original passenger or in some cases by the person who made the booking (e.g. secretary or travel assistant).
  • If name is changed, chargeable services such as extra baggage and seat are lost.
  • Only Finnair can update the name element.
  • The charge for name change/correction is collected with EMD-S in the markets where EMD is available.
  • In case of multiple AY tickets on same PNR (and name change allowed on all tickets), name change fee will apply per ticket. 


Name change fees and EMD details

The fee applicable for the routing is stated in the PE section in the fare rule. The fee is based on origin of travel and can be converted to local currency if the EMD document is issued outside the country from the origin of travel.

EMD-S service code for Amadeus users: NAME
Sub code (RFISC): D/115

If service is issued in other GDS than in Amadeus, add EMD number in PNR:


Name change procedure – step by step


  1. Contact Finnair Agent Info. If the PNR includes FQTV, the FQTV line needs to be removed before name change. Finnair adds an FO line for name change, deletes the FA line and changes the passenger name element. Finnair also adds SSR CKIN “Name changed from xxxx to xxxx”

    You can also choose to collect the name change fee before contacting Finnair Agent Info. Please keep in mind that the name change fee must be collected on the same day as the name is changed in the PNR.
  2. Collecting the name change fee on EMD-S NAME
    a. Creation of SCV element: IUAYNN1NAMELONHEL
    -- TSM ---

    b. Create TSM-P:
    TMC/VAY/L2 (line number where SVC-element is)

    Add fee, coupon value and form of payment (example amount 50):
    For name change of Finland domestic ticket, VAT 10% must be separated:                                                     TMI/F45.45/X4.55YFGO/CV-45.45/FP-CASH

    Add issued in connection with information:

    c. Issue EMD
  3. Add "Name change" to the FE element and prepare TST for reissue. 
  4. Re-issue the ticket (0eur re-issue).

3rd PARTY PNR (Galileo/Sabre etc.) 

  1. Create a new PNR, original booking class may be used.
  2. Collect the name change fee on EMD and insert document number in an OSI element. Element to be used depends on GDS.
  3. Price the PNR, old fare can be used (manual pricing permitted).
  4. In case of manual pricing
    – Add “original first issue DDMMMYY” to the FE element. 
    – Finnair adds authorization: SR OTHS ZZ-MANUAL PRICING DUE TO NAME CHG AUTH BY XX.
  5. Issue a new ticket, cancel the original booking and inform Finnair of it.
  6. Finnair adds an SSR CKIN “Name changed from xxxx to xxxx"