Pre-booked internet access

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Internet access is available on all of Finnair’s Airbus fleet: A350, A330, A321, A320 and A319. In ATR and E90 there is no wifi connection.

Passengers can get internet access with following ways:  

  • By buying the internet connection with credit card and Finnair Plus points
  • They are travelling in the Business Class or have high Finnair Plus tier levels (Finnair Plus Gold, Platinum and Platinum Lumo)
  • By using a voucher code given by Finnair


Chargeable internet access onboard​​

On long-haul flights, internet access can be bought for the entire flight, three hours or an hour. Suited for surfing, emails and social media (excl. calls on instant messaging apps). 

On Airbus flights within Europe, passengers can buy a Browse (suited for surfing, social media (excl. calls on messaging apps) or Stream package (also suites for streaming services and using a VPN). Please note that on short haul flights operated with A350/A330 aicraft, the long haul packages apply. 

Customers can purchase internet access for their flight in advance online when making their booking or via Manage booking, through travel agencies and contact centres , or during the flight.
The purchase in advance is not possible for some of our flights with significant connectivity gaps or disconnected areas: All of our flights flown with Airbus narrow-body fleet (A319, A320 and A321) are connected, but there are still satellite coverage gaps over some areas, such as Estonia, Latvia, North Sea, the Norwegian Sea (between Norway and Greenland) and the North Atlantic (between Spain and the Canary Islands).

The service is complimentary for:

  • Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo members get complimentary internet access for the whole duration of the flight. On our widebody aircraft (long-haul flights and flights in Europe) we offer a browsing connection and on narrow-body Airbus aircraft (flights in Europe and the Middle East) a streaming connection.
  • Finnair Plus Platinum members get complimentary internet browsing access for the entire flight on widebody aircraft (long-haul flights and flights in Europe) and the browsing package free of charge for 30 minutes on narrow-body Airbus aircraft (flights within Europe and the Middle East).
  • Business class passengers and Finnair Plus Gold members get complimentary internet browsing access for 60 minutes on widebody aircraft (long-haul flights and flights in Europe) and the browsing package free of charge for 30 minutes on narrow-body Airbus aircraft (flights within Europe and the Middle East).


How to book internet access

  1. Using the Ancillary Catalogue, booking, pricing and issuing the EMD is quick and easy.
    • FXK/G-IE/SG-IT will show bookable internet access for the flights in the PNR.
    • FXK will show all bookable options for all flights in the PNR.
  2. FWK4/P1/S3 will book and price the chosen service. Number 4 is the line in the catalogue. Passenger/flight segment are optional. (Note: If SSR is not confirmed, the quota is full.)
  3. Add form of payment TMI/M1/FP-VI4012XXXXXXXXXXXX/1217*CV123
  4. Issue EMD: TTM/M1/RT



If the customer has booked internet access and he/she changes the flight times or dates in accordance with fare rules, the service can be changed.

If the route remains the same and the same service is booked:

  • Add service to the new flight(s). The earlier paid EMD is automatically associated to SSR(s) at ticket revalidation/reissue time. If needed, add EMD manually and associate it to SSR with a cryptic entry FHD 105-800012456/E7/P1. E7 stands for SSR line number.
  • If EMD hasn’t been automatically reassociated to e-ticket (indicator D in EMD), do a manual re-association: EWA/ASC/E1-2/TKT105-2411111111/E1-2 (first E1-2 = coupon numbers of the EMD, latter E1-2 = coupon numbers of the ticket)



Prepaid internet access is non-refundable.


What content is in Nordic Sky portal?

The Nordic Sky portal is complimentary for everyone and it offers useful information, features and services for the passengers, including: destination information, Finnair customer service, Finnair pre- order shop, Finnair plus information and join, up-to-date news as well as digital newspapers/magazines. Customers can also enter some websites free of charge, e.g., and, and use Finnair mobile app when the internet connection is available.

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