Finnair Corporate Programme

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Finnair Corporate Programme (FCP) is our online program for corporate customers of all sizes. By joining the Finnair Corporate Programme, the corporate customer will get instant discounts on all Finnair long-haul flights from the fully flexible Flex fare. The discount is given for all booking classes in all our three travel classes: Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class.

In addition to the discounted Flex ticket type on long-haul flights, our corporate customers can also use our two other ticket types: Classic and Light. However, neither these ticket types nor travel within Europe (including travel on domestic routes within Finland) are discounted.

The use of the discounted Flex ticket type requires an active FCP agreement, and a valid client code must always be inserted in a booking whenever a booking is priced with a corporate pricing code. 

The access to our Light ticket type in those travel agencies which are not yet using NDC distribution technology also requires an active FCP agreement and the use of a valid client code in a booking. 

Scroll down to check how to find the FCP fares and how to enter the client code in a booking. Also the country specific pricing codes have been listed below. The corporate customer may also use their own pricing code for the FCP fares; this information must be passed on to Finnair when joining the program or by contacting us via the contact form on

Country specific discounts as well as booking class exceptions on routes to North America and Japan are listed on

Please note! The following instructions for fare rules, pricing and adding the client code in a booking also apply to our other corporate customers. For full ticketing instructions for those customers, please refer to the corporate specific ticketing instructions delivered to you by your Finnair representative.

You can download a Finnair Corporate Programme quick guide for travel agents here.

FCP ticketing instructions 

1. Fare rules

Finnair Corporate Programme fare rules follow the published fare rule. All fare rules can be found in GDS.

For example, the Amadeus
command for fare rules


for fare notes:
FQN + row number

In this example, U123456 is the corporate pricing code.  Please replace this example by the real corporate pricing code.

Other GDSs
Sabre FQNYCHEL15NOV-AY‡AC* Corporate pricing code ‡PV«
Galileo FD MILHEL21DEC/AY-PRI-Corporate pricing code:P FN*line number
Worldspan 4FWAWHELSR-AY/@@Corporate pricing code 4F.R line number
Abacus FQHKGHEL19JAN‡UAC*Corporate pricing code RD + line number of the fare
Travelsky XS FSD CANHEL/AY/PRVT/#CCorporate pricing code/CNY XS FSN+ line number of the fare
Infini FSD TYOHEL/31MAR08/AY/NEGO/#CCorporate pricing code FSN line number of the fare
Topas FQD WAWKIX/R,UCorporate pricing code FQN + row number
Apollo >$B- Corporate pricing code >$V:

2. Pricing

Pricing is done either with a country-specific FCP pricing code or with customer's own pricing code (see 3. Pricing code). Whenever a corporate fare is used, a client code must be entered in the booking as well (see 4. Client code).

For example, the Amadeus
command for pricing


IT code (Tour Code) will be automatically
printed onto the ticket based on the pricing code,
eg. ITAYCORP123456

Please replace this example by the real corporate pricing code.

Other GDSs
Sabre WPAC* Corporate pricing code ‡PNEG OR Corporate pricing code ‡ PNEG
Galileo FQ- Corporate pricing code /CAY
Worldspan 4PFSR|/@@ Corporate pricing code
Abacus WPAAY‡AC* Corporate pricing code
Travelsky QTE:/AY///#C Corporate pricing code (PNR pricing)
Travelsky FSI/AY///#C Corporate pricing code (pricing without PNR)
Infini FQBFSI/MH/SPCL/#C Corporate pricing code
Topas FXP/R,UCorporate pricing code
Apollo >T:£B- Corporate pricing code

NOTE: When Finnair’s published fares change, the corporate fare levels loaded in GDSs will change accordingly. The discount percentage vs. the published fare level remains fixed.


3. Pricing code

These are the country-specific pricing codes. The pricing code will work only in the country to which the pricing code is assigned to but some countries' pricing code enables pricing also from a neighboring country.

A corporate customer may also use their own pricing code for the FCP fares; this information must be passed on to Finnair when joining the program or by contacting us via the contact form on

Country/Region Other countries included with same code Amadeus & Topas Galileo Sabre & Abacus Worldspan Travelsky Apollo
Austria Czechia, Germany U049696 UFAT2 UAT02 UFAT2 - -
Belgium - U049502 UFBE2 UBE02 UFBE2 - -
China Hong Kong (SAR China) U049496 UFCN2 UCN02 UFCN2 CN2 -
Czechia Austria, Hungary U049702 UFCZ2 UCZ02 UFCZ2 - -
Denmark - U049708 UFDK2 UDK02 UFDK2 - -
Estonia Finland U049711 UFEE2 UEE02 UFEE2 - -
Finland - U049798 UFI12 UFI22 UFI12 - -
France Belgium, Switzerland U049717 UFFR2 UFR02 UFFR2 - -
Germany Austria, Switzerland U049705 UFDE2 UDE02 UFDE2 - -
Hong Kong (SAR China) China U049500 UFHK2 UHK02 UFHK2 HK2 -
Hungary Austria U049720 UFHU2 UHU02 UFHU2 - -
India - U049488 UFIN2 UIN02 UFIN2 - -
Ireland - U837083 - - - - -
Italy - U049723 UFIT2 UIT02 UIT02 - -
Korea - U062355 UFKR2 UKR02 UKR02 - -
Latvia - U049729 UFLV2 ULV02 UFLV2 - -
Lithuania - U049726 UFLT2 ULT22 UFLV2 - -
Netherlands Belgium, Germany U049732 UFNL2 UNL20 UFNL2 - -
Norway - U049735 UFNO2 UNO22 UFNO2 - -
Poland - U049738 UFW2 UPL02 UFW2 - -
Portugal - U049741 UFPT2 UPT02 UFPT2 - -
Russia Finland U049504 UFRU2 URU02 UFRU2 - -
Singapore - U228042 UFSG2 USG09 UFSG2 - -
Slovenia - U049747 UFSI2 USI22 UFSI2 - -
Spain Portugal U049714 UFES2 UES02 UFES2 - -
Sweden Denmark U049398 UFSE2 USE02 UFSE2 CN2 -
Switzerland Italy U049699 UFCH2 UCH22 UFCH2 - -
Thailand - U049431 UTH02 UTH02 UTH02 - -
United Kingdom - U049501 UFGB2 UGB02 UFGB2 - -
United States - U049494 UUS02 UUS02 UUS02 - UUS02

4. Client code

Whenever you are pricing a Finnair booking with a corporate fare, it is mandatory to add also the corporate customer’s client code in reservation. The client code is entered in booking in an SSR CLID element, for example in Amadeus with command SR*CLIDAYHK/AYXXX123YY or more simply SR*CLIDAY-AYXXX123YY.

The SSR CLID is the new industry standard format for identifying a corporate customer in a flight reservation (CLID = client identification). In case a client code entry fails (eg. in Amadeus, response "CORPORATE ACCOUNT NOT FOUND"), it means either that:

1. you are trying to enter a code which has not yet been activated in the GDS database; it usually takes over night for a new client code to become active in a GDS database
2. there is a typo in the CLID you are trying to enter
3. you forgot to add AY in front of the actual CLID (please note that some of our client codes also begin with AY, e.g. AYA.. or AYB.. or AYC.. which means that the command might look like it has too many "AY" but indeed is correct) 
4. you are trying to enter a CLID which has been inactivated on our side; if a corporate customer has not had any purchases since 1st of July 2018, the client code has been inactivated
5. the CLID is not part of the current corporate agreement

You can report an inactive CLID to us via this form. In the meanwhile, it is ok to use the old OS format to enter the CLID in the booking: OS AY CMP XXX123YY.

Enter the Finnair corporate customer number into a booking with the following instructions:

1 2 3 4 5



the so-called special service request for a CLID element



mandatory airline designator



for indicating the status of the element, HK followed by a slash "/" is mandatory



for indicating to which airline the CLID belongs to


An eight character long
corporate specific
client code

can be either three letters + three numbers + two letters OR two letters + four numbers + two letters

How the client code is inserted in other reservation systems (GDS):

GDS Entry


Please note! 

A CLID element must be either passenger specific or apply to the entire booking. You cannot add two CLID elements for the same airline but a booking may include CLID elements to other airlines given that there are flights marketed by that other airline. 

If you continue to add the corporate customer number in a booking in an OS element, we will try to convert it at our end to an SSR element but the code will also end up on our erroneous corporate customer numbers' list and you will also be notified of the erroneous code.