Wheelchair assistance

Wheelchair service for passengers with reduced mobility includes assistance with the distances at the airport and, if required, help to/from the aircraft or to/from the seat. ​

There is no charge for wheelchair service. 

Wheelchairs and mobility aids are always carried at no extra cost provided that you let us know about this equipment latest 48 hours before departure and there is room for it in the hold of the aircraft.


  • Is it manually or electrically operated
  • Is it collapsible/foldable
  • Whether the battery is wet cell/dry cell/lithium 
  • Dimensions: length x width x height and weight

Please inform the customer that Finnair needs instructions for detaching the battery, especially in case the customer's own communication ability, either because of language or other reasons, is difficult. Please note restrictions may apply for batteries.  

If the wheelchair is big/heavy and the aircraft type is ATR/Embraer, please take note of the restrictions due small aircraft type.

If the wheelchair/mobility device has a lithium ion battery or batteries, please ask the watt-hour (Wh) rating of each lithium ion battery. If the information is not available please ask customer to check the device User Manual or contact the manufacturer.

Heavy equipment such as mobility scooters should be handed over at check-in. The airport has wheelchairs for general use if the passenger does not have their own.

Mobility aid (MOBA):

  • What is the type of mobility aid (e.g. walker, shower chair – please note only manual mobility aids accepted)
  • Is it collapsible/foldable
  • Dimensions: length x width x height and weight

If the customer has both battery-operated and manual wheelchair/mobility aid, please use correct codes for requesting the wheelchair, i.e. SR WCBD and SR WCMP/MOBA. 
If the passenger has, for example, 2 manual wheelchairs, the second wheelchair shall be booked as SSR MOBA with comment "wheelchair", dimensions and weight must also be specified.

Please advise customers travelling with a wheelchair to arrive at the departure gate at the latest 45 min before the departure time when travelling within Europe and 50 min before the departure time when travelling to/from an intercontinental destination.

Booking instructions via NDC

For the time being, wheelchair assistance can be added to the booking only by Finnair, please fill in special assistance form latest 48 hours before departure, or contact Agent Help Desk for further assistance.

Booking instructions via EDIFACT

Define the assistance type needed at the airport. When customer has his/her own wheelchair/mobility aid, choose the appropriate wheelchair or mobility aid type code and add dimensions and weight.

Confirmation for certain assistance and wheelchair types is manual so send requests preferably 48 hours prior to travel.

SSR Explanation
WCHR (R = ramp)    Passenger is able to go up/down steps and can enter and exit the aircraft independently. 
WCHS (S = Steps)Passenger is not able to go up/down steps, but can move to the aircraft seat independently (needs a wheelchair to get from the terminal to the aircraft, and is carried on and off the plane).  
WCHC (C = Cabin Seat)Passenger is completely immobile and must be carried to/from the seat. When booking WCHC-service, in addition to the SSR WCHC-line, add an OSI line: PSGR CAN TAKE CARE OF HIM/HERSELF DURING FLT. 
WCHR – NOT OWNPassenger does not have an own wheelchair, please add in the free format text when requesting assistance type . Valid reason for request is also required. ​

If passenger has their own wheelchair or other mobility aid, please choose correct wheelchair or mobility aid code: 

WCMPManual PowerWeight/dimensions and if collapsible
WCLBLithium ion batteryRequires advance notification/preparation. Weight, dimensions and battery Wh rating to be specified.
WCBDNon-spillable battery (dry or gel battery)Requires advance notification and may require preparation/(dis)assembly. Weight and dimensions to be specified.
WCBWSpillable battery - Wet cell batteryRequires advance notification and may require preparation/(dis)assembly. Weight and dimensions to be specified.
MOBAManualType, weight/dimensions and if collapsible.